Singular and Apsalar merge to create unified marketing analytics platform

Singular and Apsalar merge to create unified marketing analytics platform 930 488 C-Suite Network

Mobile marketing analytics firm Singular is merging with mobile app attribution and audience management firm Apsalar today so the two companies can offer a combined product line for businesses.

The combined enterprise will be known as Singular and will offer an important third-party source of mobile user data on the individual level, said Gadi Eliashiv, CEO of San Francisco-based Singular, in an interview with GamesBeat. The goal is to destroy silos of data and give marketers access to new insights into their customers on a more granular level, he said.

“Mobile attribution is one piece of the equation,” he said. “We are looking at marketing activities from an end-to-end standpoint. The reality is a few companies cannot catch all of the marketing activity of every company in the system.”

Singular is expanding beyond mobile apps to the web, offline channels, and other devices. The combined company will have 110 employees.

“We never could have imagined the crazy ride we’ve been having,” Eliashiv said. “When we talk to Facebook, Google, and others, they are really on board with our approach to the market. Third-party measurement companies are always going to exist, as there is always someone independent that you need to measure.”

Singular has deep-level reporting across marketing platforms — ad networks and life-cycle management companies and agencies — that report various kinds of data, said Singular chief operating officer Susan Kuo, in an interview.

“We’ve got an end-to-end marketing analytics platform,” Kuo said. “We think it will be a watershed for changes in the marketing ecosystem.”

Historically, marketers were forced to collect and connect siloed, non-standardized data from an ever-growing number of marketing solutions and channels. This has resulted in inaccurate data, scaling challenges, and, above all, has prevented marketers from exposing and leveraging the…