Recognizing The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent

Recognizing The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent 150 150 C-Suite Network

Jeffrey Hayzlett and C-Suite Network Conference Speaker Gary Vaynerchuck were recognized by Forbes as the #1 and #2 most most influential marketers among 40 social selling marketing masters.

Hiring talent with ‘Klout’ is a double-edged sword. Some employers believe influencers make excellent candidates because they are natural sharers and outspoken community builders that can add a ton of value inside an organization and out. Others are deeply concerned about the risks of hiring influencers. According to one prominent social sales marketing influencer (who requested anonymity in accordance with his employer’s P.R. policy), some employers are wary of hiring influencers, both because they tend to challenge the status quo and because they may put their personal brand ahead of their employers’ interests. The irony is palatable, and provides an intriguing conundrum for today’s socially-minded brands.

The discussion about how social is impacting talent management and challenging business culture is just beginning, and is led in part by intelligent prospecting and social sales platform provider KiteDesk. Early this year, the company announced the world’s top 30 social selling experts. As a follow-up, KiteDesk today published the top 40 social selling marketing masters, based on research conducted by influencer marketing agency Evolve!, Inc.

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