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Executive Briefings: Organizing People Management with Theories & Tools

Executive Briefings: Organizing People Management with Theories & Tools 500 500 C-Suite Network

by Thomas White, CEO of C-Suite Network


I meet business leaders from all over the world who have advice, stories and personal tips for the business world. Periodically, I sit down with these leaders and give them the opportunity to provide current business advice and share personal stories as a business leader.


Dr. Brian Glibkowski is the founder and CEO of sixQ Software. He’s discovered a way that lets you assess what’s going on with the people in your workforce. They call it a next-generation assessment platform. Dr. Glibkowski brings more than 15 years in the areas of organizational behavior and human resource management, as a professor, author and consultant with large companies by helping them be more effective successful. He specializes in assessment, measurement and evaluation.


First we must ask, what are the six Qs? They are the six questions we all know: what, why, how, when, where, and who. We learned them in kindergarten. We don’t really know them often times in a systematic way. I conducted some research on these questions. They’re basically a way to think through your important business models to make sure you ask and answer all the questions.


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