Next Level: Gamification in the C-Suite

Next Level: Gamification in the C-Suite 703 399 C-Suite Network

Jeffrey Hayzlett explains how the C-Suite Network is utilizing gamification to build powerful communities for C-level leaders in the C-Suite Collective. He shares three basic principles leaders should understand about gamification to engage employees.

Gamification is nothing new. From digging for prizes buried deep inside Cracker Jack boxes to accruing frequent-flyer miles to earning mayoral status on the mobile app Foursquare, the concept of applying gaming techniques to engage and motivate people to participate in everyday tasks has been a marketing tactic in companies’ arsenals for years. However, in recent years, major corporations have been utilizing gameplay to engage employees within their very own organizations, often within the C-suite.

One excellent example of this is the C-Suite Collective, a network I co-founded that connects business executives with each other and provides growth, development, and networking opportunities for its members. Within the collective, we use gamification to help build a sense of community. Members can complete missions, collect badges, earn points, and win prizes. It’s a great way to get business leaders involved and excited about being part of the C-Suite Collective.

“Everyone who is in the C-Suite is competitive; we like to be the best,” says Thomas White, co-Founder and CEO of the C-Suite Network. “A way to tap into this basic C-Suite nature is to use gamification to increase engagement. This group will rise to the challenge. In the C-Suite Network, we utilize gamification to encourage C-Suite leaders to connect with peers and get the greatest value out of our network. In the end, everyone wins.”

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