New C-Suite Radio Shows Add Insight on Leadership, Excellence, Development, and Growth for All Business Leaders

New C-Suite Radio Shows Add Insight on Leadership, Excellence, Development, and Growth for All Business Leaders 1024 536 C-Suite Network

C-Suite Radio, home to a library of weekly online radio shows featuring c-suite leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs, is announcing three new shows that provide great insights when it comes to leadership, excellence, development, and growth for any, and all, business leaders.

Building a company from scratch has its own set of challenges – whether you’re a founder, entrepreneur, or just have big ideas. Navigating those challenges is the focal point of “Founders Place.Co,” hosted by Todd Wilms. Listeners will get insightful information about turning ideas into products, and take those products into the right market while growing that market. The show offers solutions to solve the problems leaders are currently facing and those that might be lurking in order to build a successful and long-lasting business.

“Today’s Premier Experts,” hosted by global branding expert Rey Perez, is a one-stop show to learn from industry experts about the business maneuvers that helped these executives elevate their success. The show is designed to showcase stories of success, lessons learned, and best practices from individuals in a plethora of industries who are proven, successful leaders.

Rey has spent over a decade traveling the world speaking to entrepreneurs and business professionals and created a show brings together worldly perspectives that can be applied to today’s competitive world.

Are you a passionate business leader or know someone on a mission to improve leadership development and insights? If so, join host Eddie Turner on “Keep Leading!” as he gets to know accomplished leaders and their stories. Known as ‘The Leadership Accelerator,’ Eddie’s guests share leadership strategies, techniques, and perceptions of leadership excellence from influencers from around the globe.

“At the C-Suite Network, we’re dedicated to the growth and development of business leaders and these three shows are doing just that,” said C-Suite Network Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Hayzlett.

“Hearing first-hand stories of triumphs and losses is beneficial for all leaders in any industry. I’m hoping listeners will take these lessons and stories apply them to their own lives.”

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