Need a business loan? Here is a “vetted” program!

Need a business loan? Here is a “vetted” program! 1024 536 C-Suite Network

The C-Suite Network remains committed to serving its members, especially in light of COVID-19; a pandemic that has impacted the health, emotional state, and capital of businesses and professionals from all walks of life and industries across all platforms. Though times are uncertain, one thing is not: The C-Suite Network is here to move the needle and provide financial assistance to those greatly impacted by this treacherous global change in business and in life.

C-Suite Network announced C-Suite Loans; a business platform offered by the C-Suite Network in partnership with Vetted Funding provides those with the financial assistance required to weigh monetary options, obtain proper funding, and continue to drive and thrive, despite glaring obstacles.

Vetted has currently provided $250 million dollars’ worth of relief for businesses, with over 4,000 loans funded. They have twenty current lenders within the network, ensuring the right loan fits the right needs. C-Suite Loan’s main mission in their partnership with Vetted is to provide exclusive access, raise awareness, and above all – identify what members need to stay in the game and defy the rules to come out on top.

How can C-Suite members take action?

Right now, there is an abundant amount of uncertainty plaguing even the most stable minds, as companies scramble to plan out their next steps. To ensure members are protected during this time, there are some proper measures company officials can take.

Talk to your local bank.

Members who have a working relationship with personal or business bankers should schedule a meeting immediately to evaluate their bank’s list of programs. Financial experts are available to assess what type of approach is most suitable considering the business’ background, industry and fiscal history. Working directly with a trusted bank may also lead to the least expensive approach to capital.

Analyze the options provided by the Small Business Association (SBA).

The Small Business Association (SBA) has provided a wide range of options to help businesses obtain funding. The Payment Protection Plan (PPP) and the EIDL loan advance are two current alternatives to obtain financial relief during these trying times. Members who apply for PPP are eligible for loan forgiveness as long as employees are kept on payroll for a minimum of eight weeks and the money is used for salaries, rent, mortgage or utilities. These options will provide companies with the means to keep staff and continue operational logistics.

Approved for a loan? Keep the cash.

Now more than ever, it’s important to save, save, save! Uncertain times call for drastic measures and members lucky enough to receive loan approval should keep as much as possible. In the long run, this will keep the business afloat, minds at ease and cash flowing.

Evaluate additional financial options.

C-Suite Loans is an alternative route for members who need quicker access to capital and can even serve as a bridge while SBA or traditional bank loans are being processed.

The C-Suite Network is here to support those who long supported us in times of need. Take advantage of the programs that will help keep your business, your passion and your primary goals alive.

We are here for you! Our communities are essential and it’s imperative that we support one another in order to emerge as unscathed as possible.