Navigating Sustainability: 5 Questions With GANT CMO Brian Grevy

Navigating Sustainability: 5 Questions With GANT CMO Brian Grevy 640 641 C-Suite Network

GANT is a unique global brand—American-born with Americana still part of its identity, yet it’s based in Stockholm, Sweden, and brings a European sophistication to its design and philosophy. It’s also taking a global view on matters pertaining to everyone—namely, sustainability and the future of the planet.

With its roots on America’s preppy Eastern Seaboard, with its birthplace in Connecticut and nautical themes still part of its DNA, marine life has always mattered to GANT. That’s why the company has committed to a long-term global partnership supporting Waterkeeper Alliance, including its CRM program, global donations and staff engagement and support. The Waterkeeper Alliance mission is to help protect drinkable, fishable, and swimmable water around the globe while combating issues such as pollution and climate change.

GANT x Waterkeep Alliance

“’Never Stop Learning’ is the philosophy that moves GANT forward,” says GANT Chief Marketing Officer Brian Grevy. “We focus on being better, learning more and looking beyond ourselves and our products. With fashion production contributing to the pollution of our waterways, we need to be more conscious about efficiently using valuable resources. As a global brand, we feel that it’s important for GANT to take responsibility and encourage the industry to do better, which is why we’re looking into sustainable ways to use ocean plastic for our upcoming collections.”

“The Waterkeeper movement protects more than 2.5 million square miles of waterways around the world,” added Marc Yaggi, executive director of Waterkeeper Alliance. “In 2017, we launched an innovative project to help reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. Thanks to our partnership with GANT, we will take our work defending marine environments from plastic to the next level.”

GANT’s partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance kicked off on January 31 with a commitment to support its work to patrol and protect rivers, streams and coastlines on six continents. The first step of this mission is the Ocean Plastic Recovery Initiative, in which GANT will contribute to expanding Waterkeeper Alliance’s recovery facility and operation in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Brian Grevy - Gant CMO

For more insights we spoke with Grevy about sustainability—what steps GANT has taken and will be taking, and why he feels it’s important for brands to take an active interest in the health and future of the environment.

Brian, how did the Waterkeeper Alliance partnership come about?

We’re not a fashion brand, we’re…