Mediocrity or Greatness? That is the Question.

Mediocrity or Greatness? That is the Question. 254 45 C-Suite Network

C-Suite Network CEO Thomas White shares the three keys to unlocking greatness in your company, which include having a clear vision, translating your vision into an exceptional customer experience and committing to a daily practice of learning.

Recently, I interviewed Randy Gage for an episode of Business Matters on C-Suite Radio. One of our topics was: What makes great companies? At the heart of great companies are great people. So, is it that simple? Just hire the best people and have the best company? Nope. I wish it was, but it isn’t.

Before I talk about three basic qualities of great companies, let’s look at the current business landscape. We are in a time of the greatest mediocrity in business – ever. In our zeal to increase productivity and efficiency, we have employed refined processes and technology to power every aspect of business. From the phone trees most companies have that infuriate EVERY CUSTOMER, to a highly structured but ineffective development process, to objectifying our customers and prospects as numbers rather than humans. Every place we touch people, we have accepted the belief that people are like machines. We can predict their behavior and use an automated process to have great relationships with them.

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