Live Nation Wants to Be the Only Resource Brands Need to Reach Millennials, Gen Z

Live Nation Wants to Be the Only Resource Brands Need to Reach Millennials, Gen Z 1024 512 C-Suite Network

When you think of Live Nation, you might think of a ticket sales company that helps music fans find out when their favorite artists are playing at their preferred venues—but the brand wants you to know that it does more than just sell tickets.

Last year, Live Nation moved over 530 million tickets, and with those sales came a ton of data about music fans of all ages. Live Nation is now using that data to help brands (from Pepsi to State Farm) connect with millennial and Gen Z music lovers at a place where tons of brands want to be: live events and music festivals.

“If you look at the business 10 years ago, brands were interested in simple things [like] entertaining. They were doing a lot of sports sponsorships,” Russell Wallach, president of media and sponsorship at Live Nation, said. “In the last four or five years, brands have realized that the absolute best place to reach Gen Z and millennial consumers is at live events.”

Pepsi entertained music fans with artist meetings and foam pits.

According to research from Live Nation’s “Love for Live” study, 99 percent of Gen Z and millenials said live music is important to them, while 62 percent said they absolutely can’t live without it. In the last five years, 92 percent said their attendance at music festivals has increased, with most fans saying they attend two or three festivals a year on average. With that in mind, it makes sense that brands would want to find ways to connect with fans on the ground at these festivals and live experiences.

“Every CMO that I speak with, the conversation immediately goes to data and creating customized experiences for our customers. That’s a real shift in how brands are approaching being at these events, and in a sense they always wanted to be at live events or music festivals, but now they want to be there to actually enhance the fan experience,” Wallach added.

That’s where Live Nation comes in.

“We are able to do data profiling and match our…