Innovation + Expertise in the C-Suite

Innovation + Expertise in the C-Suite 254 45 C-Suite Network

C-Suite Network CEO Thomas White reflects on insights gleaned from the very first C-Suite Network Conference in May 2014 and details what attendees can expect at the next event this fall in Marina del Rey, California.

The C-Suite Network held its inaugural conference May 4 through 6, 2014, at the Fairmont hotel in Dallas, Texas. The conference brought together top executives from companies like SAP, Mattel, GAP, Accenture, AIG and Sony Electronics for an opportunity to engage with their peers and learn from an inspiring panel of keynote speakers and on-stage guests. C-Suite leaders from T-Mobile, Mitel, DocuSign and Jive Software shared their secrets for disruption and innovation through interviews with host Jeffrey Hayzlett.

The May conference had three primary focuses: Disruptive business models, technological breakthroughs and innovations in customer relationships. On-Stage Showcases wowed C-Suite leaders with their unique products and services, highlighting the changing business landscape and capabilities of marketing and customer service in the digital age. Many walked away with new ideas and solutions they can use for the betterment of their companies, teams and customers.

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