High Performers, Not Headaches

High Performers, Not Headaches 1024 768 C-Suite Network

by Sally Hogshead


A lot of times when I talk with business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders within companies, the qualities that help them succeed are very different from the qualities of their support staff. There is this breakdown of communication between the leader and the people who are supporting that leader.


Leaders tend to use the Power trigger or the Prestige trigger. They tend to be focused on goals, whereas the support staff is there to supplement your strengths in the following ways:


• You want people to be able to do the things that you can’t do.

• You want people to be able to do the nitty-gritty and the day-to-day minutiae.

• You want them to do all those things that you’re not necessarily suited to do, and you really, probably, don’t want to do all the time.

When we look at our team, we project the same expectations onto all of our employees. Then, when those employees fall short, we become frustrated.

That is where the headache issues come in.

But there’s a different way of looking at it: High performers, not headaches.

You need to make sure that each person on the team is performing at his or her highest value, but the way in which they contribute value is going to be unique to their personality.

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