Here's How Oprah Has Given New Life to the Weight Watchers Brand

Here's How Oprah Has Given New Life to the Weight Watchers Brand 960 544 C-Suite Network

Oprah is not your typical billionaire.

She’s a people person. She’s empathetic. She really connects with her audience. She’s compassionate, personable and approachable. She’s just like everyone else. In fact, she has contributed her success to realizing she is not better than everyone else just because she has money.

The woman is an inspiration to millions.

This is part of the reason that her stake in Weight Watchers has helped the company’s stock soar.

Meet Oprah!

Weight Watchers stock shares shot up almost 20% in February when the company announced that they beat their earnings expectation. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was Oprah’s “magic” that brought this ailing company back from the brink.

But it’s not just that she has a golden touch. Her very personality is what got Weight Watchers back on its feet.

Sharing the Same Experiences

In 2013, Oprah announced that she was allegedly a victim of racism in a handbag store. This sparked a debate on racism and got people actively talking about it. But this recap wasn’t put here for political purposes. It was put here to show that people empathize with Oprah, even when other celebrities don’t feel like she deserves the attention.

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Why do people empathize with her?

Put simply, Oprah is just an everyday woman.

Sure, not every woman can buy a $30,000 purse, even secondhand or at a luxury discount, but we have all experienced a moment where we’ve felt discriminated against. In fact, stories run rampant of women being discriminated against just because of their gender. That is one reason that people can connect to her: she has had the same experiences as almost every other woman.

She has the same goals any woman has: to be successful, to feel good, to be healthy and to be happy. She used Weight Watchers to reach…