Facebook Launches 'Discover Growth' Global B2B Ad Campaign

Facebook Launches 'Discover Growth' Global B2B Ad Campaign 620 390 C-Suite Network

Facebook on Wednesday launched “Discover Growth,” a global ad campaign targeting B2B marketers.

The 30-day U.S. ad campaign, which will target direct-response marketers as well as traditional brands, will run both on and off the Facebook platform.

The on-platform campaign reportedly will consist of one ad per day on Facebook, Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network. The ads will be a mix of video lead and link ads, complete with relevant direct-response data and insights. They will ask marketers to sign up or go to the campaign’s landing page for more information.

Marketers who sign up will get four weeks of direct mailings from Facebook with more information on how they can attract new customers on the social media network. At the end of the 30-day period, they’ll receive a Collections ad that will let them shop for a complimentary gift.

The off-platform campaign reportedly will consist of print ads in industry trade publications, as well as digital ads on performance marketing websites.

“This is Facebook’s B2B ad campaign to increase ad sales on their platform by using the data collected from [their] users to attract attention,” said Cindy Zhou, principal analyst at Constellation Research.

“It’s Facebook’s first global B2B ad campaign to attract more buyers,” she told the E-Commerce Times.

Sending a Mixed Message

In promoting its Discover Growth webinar held Wednesday, Facebook made the point that “91 percent of people who could buy your products don’t click on ads.”

That said, its new campaign advocates the use of lead ads, dynamic ads and mobile app install ads to proactively drive business.

“I believe the notion is that…