Enterprise Digitalization is Shifting to C-Suite Leaders

Enterprise Digitalization is Shifting to C-Suite Leaders 300 300 C-Suite Network

Digitalization is the one big idea that will shape business in 2015, yet there is little focus on digital strategy from today’s C-Suite leaders. Most organizations still view enterprise digitalization as the IT department’s responsibility. Research shows that the next 10 years will require a new mindset toward digital planning — one that directly involves the C-Suite.

A new report by the C-Suite Network, the most powerful network of C-Suite leaders, and leading global IT services company HCL Technologies shows the power of digitalization and key ways it can offer a competitive advantage if C-level executives are willing to lead these strategic initiatives.

The white paper shows how an increased focus on digitalization has helped several of today’s leading companies reduce activation and onboarding time. It also explains why there has been a lack of understanding about the right approach toward enterprise digitalization and how C-Suite leaders can transform their companies by recognizing the amazing power of transformative digital strategies.

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