Daniel Yanisse Created Checkr To Offer More Transparency And Fairness In Background Checks

Daniel Yanisse Created Checkr To Offer More Transparency And Fairness In Background Checks 960 856 C-Suite Network
Daniel Yanisse, Co-Founder and CEO, Checkr
Daniel Yanisse, Co-Founder and CEO, Checkr

A Series of Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape: Daniel Yanisse, Co-Founder and CEO, Checkr.

For many companies with large, transient work forces, background employment screenings are a necessary, but often slow and painful process. Checkr wants to change that process for the better.

“These transactions rely on trust and we believe trust is based on transparency. Consumers deserve more transparency on their rights and the information in their report. Employers deserve more transparency on data, its value and their responsibilities. Checkr has found the way to balance safety and consumer protection. It is our responsibility to be accurate and help our clients avoid errors,” says Checkr co-founder and CEO, Daniel Yanisse.

Companies had to wait one or two weeks before Checkr for the background check. For a driver or an on-demand worker or a contractor to wait two weeks of paychecks is very important.

“When I started to scratch the surface and understand why it was so slow and inefficient, I started to see it’s not slow because it has to be thorough or it requires a lot of work. It’s slow and inefficient because the company’s executives are not doing a very efficient job. What we managed to do at Checkr is to really attack the problem with smart engineers and build automation to speed up the process. And at the same time, we do have experts on the team who verify for accuracy and quality. So, this way we are able to combine the best of automation and human expertise to have a very streamlined product,” says Yanisse

The San Francisco-based company was founded in 2014 by engineers Yanisse and his co-founder Jonathan Perichon. According to Yanisse, the company is the fourth largest background check company in terms of volume in the US., conducting 800,000 background checks a month with just 150 employees. The company has attracted nearly $50 million in venture capital, though Yanisse says the company is already profitable.

“We are running a very lean operation, very efficient, so we work smarter than the competition. And we’ve been able to do this…