Damien Mahoney, Amazon, and how AI will affect user-generated content — VB Engage

Damien Mahoney, Amazon, and how AI will affect user-generated content — VB Engage 929 657 C-Suite Network

This week, Travis and Stewart interview Damien Mahoney, who tells us everything we need to know about user-generated content, machine learning, AI, and what the future holds for consumer engagement.

In the news, we discuss the marketing implications of Amazon’s intention to buy Whole Foods, a new study that offers hope for competing ecommerce vendors, and blockchain for advertising.

By listening to this episode of the VB Engage podcast, you will hear:

  • Welcome to VB Engage episode 57! [00:10]
  • This week, Stewart was in Barcelona at the I Am Tomorrow conference, a conference focusing on women in tech. [01:15]
  • The conference included 95 percent female speakers and panelists. [02:05]
  • Congrats to Jenny Ham of Topeka, Kansas, who is the winner of our Huawei MediaPad M3 tablet! [02:45]
  • That’s right: We finally got an email response to the competition from a real life person! [03:15]
  • There were over 1,400 entrants in our contest! Thanks to everyone. [04:05]
  • Amazon’s stock rose $15B in market share, essentially getting Whole Foods for free! [04:55]
  • Amazon has purchased over 400 hubs around the U.S. [05:10]
  • One AI-powered solution uses CCTV cameras to identify which items you’ve taken off the store shelves, and it will bill you as you walk out the door. [05:35]
  • Machine learning + artificial intelligence + Whole Foods [06:30]
  • Now that Amazon owns Whole Foods, chances are all Amazon purchases will be taxed locally. [07:10]
  • Don’t discount click and collect, which is very convenient in the UK, with packages delivered at the local corner shop. [08:10]
  • Amazon’s conversational UI, Alexa, and the new Wand. [09:25]
  • Interesting report out this week on the emotional triggers, based on research by Qubit. [10:30]
  • Scarcity, social proof, and urgency are the three triggers that most impact conversion optimization. [11:00]
  • Red buttons don’t work. [11:25]
  • This product is about…