CTO Calls for U.S. and Caribbean Alliance

CTO Calls for U.S. and Caribbean Alliance 640 480 C-Suite Network
Aerial view of the Bahamas
Overlooking the Bahamas. (Photo by shalamov/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has called for a formal partnership between the region’s tourism sector and those responsible for implementing the United States-Caribbean Strategic Engagement Act, also known as H.R. 2939.

The Act, which was passed in the United States Congress last December and signed into law by then President Barack Obama, mandates a new long-term strategy to reinforce ties between Washington, D.C. and the Caribbean. It is designed to increase the security, prosperity, and well-being of the people of the United States and the Caribbean.

At a recent meeting, CTO Secretary General Hugh Riley discussed a tourism working group established by Caribbean Community (CARICOM) at a meeting in Guyana in February.

Members of Congress addressed the audience comprised of people of Caribbean Diaspora, diplomats and public sector policy makers including the…