12 People Proving Content Marketing is More Than a Buzzword

12 People Proving Content Marketing is More Than a Buzzword 640 359 C-Suite Network

by José Antonio Sanchez


Miley Cyrus twerking, people taking selfies, thousands of fans following shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad”… The last couple of years have brought us plenty of trends. Content marketing might be one of them, but it is also here to stay.

According to a recent survey by Curata, more than 70% of marketing organizations indicate that they will increase their spend on content marketing in the next few years. As content marketing matures, best-in-class marketers are also rapidly evolving their organizations to create and share unique and relevant content.

Content marketing is becoming a time-tested strategy for attracting, engaging and capturing the hearts of customers. Here’s a list of successful advocates of content marketing — 12 people who are proving that it is more than just a fad.

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*This post originally appeared on Uberflip.com.

joseJosé Antonio Sanchez, marketing manager at Uberflip, has seven years of experience in cross-platform media and marketing. He’s responsible for the development and management of marketing campaigns at Uberflip. Find him on Google+ or follow him on Twitter @joesanchezr.