Challenger Methodology: The Third Age of B2B Marketing

Challenger Methodology: The Third Age of B2B Marketing 254 45 C-Suite Network

Jeff Lowe, VP Corporate Marketing at SMART Technologies, was interviewed at the C-Suite Network Conference in Marina del Rey for the B2Beacon Digital Marketing’s Leadership Series. He sits down with Thad Kahlow to explain innovative new ways C-Suite leaders can use technology to create a culture of collaboration in their companies.

The expanding customer buying journey has fundamentally changed the B2B marketing and sales landscape. As Jeff Lowe explains, VP Corporate Marketing for SMART Technologies, this radical change is bringing about the Third Age of B2B Marketing – The ‘Challenger Methodology.’ This methodology says that traditional solution-selling is mostly dead since customers are often far past evaluation before first engaging a sales rep.

The question is how do you get your brand inside the early self-evaluation cycle of the buyers journey? That’s the challenge facing today’s B2B marketers.

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