C-Suite Radio Premieres Two Shows This Month

C-Suite Radio Premieres Two Shows This Month 1024 536 C-Suite Network

C-Suite Radio, the premier source for the world’s leading business podcasts for c-suite leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs, is announcing its February programming featuring two new shows: “C-Suite Success Radio,” hosted by Sharon Smith and “The Ziglar Show,” hosted by Kevin Miller.

“C-Suite Success Radio” invites guests to define success and talk about the lessons they’ve learned along the way resulting from their biggest mistakes. The show also offers lessons learned and practical advice to help anyone looking to thrive in corporate America gain the edge they’re seeking. Listeners can also tap into the wisdom of other successful business leaders who fully understand what it takes to make it to the top.

Host Sharon Smith’s journey into podcasting started on a misunderstanding, proving that sometimes an unexpected move can lead into the next phase of one’s life. Smith is a 15+ year veteran of the information security and compliance industry and is also an Executive Coach.

“The Ziglar Show,” hosted by Kevin Miller, strikes at the core of personal development with two key principles: inspiration and motivation, which fuels the pursuit of success in every aspect of…