C-Suite Radio Kicks Off The New Year Premiering Four New Shows

C-Suite Radio Kicks Off The New Year Premiering Four New Shows 1024 536 C-Suite Network

New programs include “Knights of the Revolutionary Leader: Conversations of Influence and Change,” “Customer Equity Accelerator,” “The New Rich List,” and “Government Policy, Real Estate, and You!

C-Suite Radio, the premier source for the world’s leading business podcasts for c-suite leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs, is announcing four new shows: “Knights of the Revolutionary Leader: Conversations of Influence and Change,” hosted by Kristie Knights, “Customer Equity Accelerator,” hosted by Allison Hartsoe, “The New Rich List,” hosted by Marco Robinson, and “Government Policy, Real Estate, and You!,” hosted by Liz Recchia.

“Knights of the Revolutionary Leader: Conversations of Influence and Change” with Kristie Knights features highly influential leaders who have experienced hard times – personally and professionally, and have risen despite all the obstacles encountered. Kristie’s goal is to have guests shed their skin and through their vulnerability, teach others how to persevere, be more productive, and fortify their lives.

“Customer Equity Accelerator” is a weekly podcast hosted by Allison Hartsoe geared towards high-level marketing executives who need to accelerate customer-centric thinking and digital maturity. Allison’s show features innovative guests who share their quick wins on how to improve your bottom line while building a stronger, happier, more valuable customer base. In an ever-changing business world, Allison believes that digital trails are key to understanding what customers are saying; while the use of analytics helps businesses provide superior customer service.

Entrepreneur Marco Robinson is the host of “The New Rich List” where he provides guidelines as well as proven and successful principles to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur in their own right and get funded in order to start a business. Marco, an award-winning entrepreneur, is the person behind the popular NAKED brand – from restaurants, to cryptocurrency, as well as other ventures worldwide.

You may not care about government, but government cares about you. Host Liz Recchia brings “Government Policy, Real Estate, and You!” to life to educate listeners about their private property rights, their rights to a private contract, and the rights to conduct business. Liz’s guests include policy makers, elected officials, and leaders in both government and the private sector whose expertise range from Fair Housing, ADA, wholesale lending, taxes, and more relevant topics. Liz works to create an environment where people, businesses, and local government can collaborate and prosper together.

“We’re starting 2019 with a bang! These new shows will start conversations in a variety of sectors – entrepreneurship, customer service, leadership, and government,” said C-Suite Network Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Hayzlett. “Opening a conversation creates a collaborative atmosphere and an environment our audience will find incredibly beneficial.”

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