C-Suite Radio Announces Additional Shows in July

C-Suite Radio Announces Additional Shows in July 1024 536 C-Suite Network

C-Suite Radio, home to a library of weekly online radio shows featuring c-suite leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs, is announcing the launch of new podcasts to wrap up the month of July, including “In the Weeds with Jimmy Young,” hosted by broadcast veteran, Jimmy Young, “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone,” hosted by Stu Heinecke, “Making Bank,” hosted by Josh Felber, and “The Game Changer Network,” hosted by Chicke Fitzgerald.

In the Weeds with Jimmy Young” is a show about the cannabis industry, hosted by 40-year veteran, Jimmy Young. The podcast examines the factors that are driving the growth of one of the hottest industries on the planet right now, including the state of the industry in the state of Massachusetts, the first east coast state to legalize the often-controversial substance.

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone” is hosted by author Stu Heineck. The podcast is focused on teaching listeners how to get past the traditional gatekeepers and reach elusive executives – all by thinking outside the box and using personalized approaches, which he refers to as “contact campaigns.” Heinecke features guests that provide strategies and tactics that have resulted in higher rate responses, ROIs, and cost-per-contact.

Making Bank” is hosted by growth hacker, Josh Felber and the show uncovers the success strategies and mindsets of the top ‘1 percent’ that amplify and transform lives and businesses. Felber has a unique perspective about crafting unique and powerful strategies for successfully managing faith, family, fitness, and entrepreneurship and create a system for an integrated life complete with TIME freedom.

The Game Changer Network” is hosted by Chicke Fitzgerald and the show is geared towards executive women, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs. Fitzgerald features in-depth interviews with book authors on leadership, growth, innovation, entrepreneurialism, and giving back. Some of the segments include: Best of the Game Changer (timeless wisdom), Transition Solutionz (in-between successes), and Uncommon Giving (how to ‘bake’ giving into your culture).

“The team at C-Suite Radio continues to add high-quality programming to please every palette,” said C-Suite Network Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Hayzlett. “We’re wrapping up the month in stellar fashion and I couldn’t be happier about having people like Chicke and Stu talking business strategies, Jimmy going deep into the hot commodity that is the cannabis industry, and Josh helping everyone be successful and make bank.”