C-Suite Network Launches Latest Business Program

C-Suite Network Launches Latest Business Program 1024 536 C-Suite Network

C-Suite Network, the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders, announced its newest addition to their growing family of services, C-Suite Legal. Designed to provide organizations with affordable and practical legal assistance, C-Suite Legal has partnered with Business Legal Management to offer corporations extensive services including aid with transactional contracts and non-disclosure agreements, two hours of monthly “official lawyering” time, exclusive access to webinars covering up-to-date and informative legal news, juridical insights that can help businesses increase profit, and more. With a combined 150 years of administrative experience, C-Suite Legal’s partnership with Business Legal Management will guide businesses without the high ticketed fees consistent with a lavish law firm.

“Legal assistance is not something you want to worry about when you need it, so that is why we launched C-Suite Legal; it is monthly protection put in place for businesses to feel secure. As a professional who has worked at an executive level for many years, throughout many industries, I have experienced first-hand the hardships companies face when they aren’t prepared for a potential legal issue. C-Suite Legal removes that vulnerability and even provides business owners with advice and assistance ahead of time; helping corporations get in front of any future legal matters. We’re thrilled to add C-Suite Legal to our growing line of services and look forward to continue the cadence of similar business programs,” explains Karl Post, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of the C-Suite Network.

The launch of C-Suite Legal is the fourth business service announced within the last year, following behind C-Suite Loans, C-Suite Supplies, and most recently, C-Suite Coaching. Each program has been designed to respond to the needs of the C-Suite Network’s members, as well as the business community at-large by providing the best access to products and fundamental services.

C-Suite Legal is priced at $199.99 a month for C-Suite Network members. For more information on its valued benefits, visit https://www.c-suitelegal.com/legal-help or listen to the C-Suite Network’s latest Executive Briefing on How to Raise the Bar When Navigating Legal issues.