C-Suite Network Announces the Women’s Leadership Council

C-Suite Network Announces the Women’s Leadership Council 1024 536 C-Suite Network

The C-Suite Network, the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders, announces the launch of the Women’s Leadership Council, a group of talented and committed peers who genuinely support and encourage each other. The Council is led by C-Suite Network Advisor, Investor, and Thought Council member, Kathleen Caldwell, CEO of Caldwell Consulting Group, LLC.

The Women’s Leadership Council is a private, membership-based group of women professionals who want to build a sustainable and diversified business career with expertise and assets they can monetize and grow. This collaborative and action-oriented Council will provide innovative strategies, plans, input and feedback to advance the interests of women in business world-wide.

Members of the Council will have the opportunity to learn from other members, guest expert lecturers, esteemed faculty, and Kathleen Caldwell. Other benefits include:

  • Meetings led by Caldwell herself, a global business coach, mentor, guide, and business strategist
  • Support from other influential and highly connected business leaders
  • Tools to build a global community and monetize it by building online and in-person platforms
  • Strategies and education to create a recurring revenue stream by combining the member’s intellectual property, passions, and purpose
  • Recorded copies of all meetings for future reference
  • Introductions to C-Suite Network members and partners
  • C-Suite Network Executive Membership
  • Discounts on C-Suite Network Media Packages

The Women’s Leadership Council membership includes invitations to (2) two-day meetings per year, coinciding with the C-Suite Network Conferences. These conferences are excellent ways to be in the company of elite thought leaders, CEOs and influencers from the business world. Additionally, members may attend monthly Digital Leadership Discussions and Women’s Leadership Council webinars to keep everyone connected, accountable and inspired.

As a bonus, members can enroll in the Women’s Thought Leadership Accelerator Program, an optional, year-long curriculum, giving participants the opportunity to monetize and realize their highest thought leadership success.

“I’m excited about having the Women’s Leadership Council join the C-Suite Network. Kathleen Caldwell has been a trusted partner, friend, and advisor and having her lead this Council, is the icing on the cake. Very few people are more passionate and enthusiastic about leadership and committed to women’s success than Kathleen,” said Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman and CEO, C-Suite Network.

The C-Suite Network’s mission is to provide members with the most up-to-date tools and benefits to help them anticipate and stay ahead of the changes taking place in the business world.

“My mission has always been to promote leadership, growth, and high performance and the launch of this Council allows me to do all that and more, especially when advancing women in business,” said Caldwell. “Now more than ever, women need to diversify their careers, focus on value and create their own intellectual property. Jeffrey Hayzlett and the C-Suite Network have been great partners that believe in driving prosperous businesses, thought leadership and engagement. This is a very powerful and innovative community of committed leaders and I look forward to adding more value, not just to our members but to the Network overall.”

For more information, visit: https://c-suitenetwork.com/councils/womens-leadership-council/.