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Creating Buzzworthy Campaigns with Alan Gellman

Creating Buzzworthy Campaigns with Alan Gellman 1024 1024 C-Suite Network

December 28, 2016 09:00 ET

C-Suite TV’s Executive Perspectives LIVE talks embracing changes that create possibilities and how to determine a company’s purpose.


NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Dec 28, 2016)Executive Perspectives LIVE, one of the top online business shows on C-Suite TV, is closing the year with a one-on-one interview with Alan Gellman, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, esurance.


Gellman sat down with host Jeffrey Hayzlett to talk about finding a company’s purpose, how to embrace changes that create great possibilities, bridging the marketing gap, finding the right target audience, and crafting timely and relevant campaigns, including election season insurance and MLB’s All-Star Game ballots that engaged all thirty teams.


Esurance is a company that’s looking to help people make smarter, more efficient choices and Alan Gellman tells Hayzlett that the company’s starting point is asking “what’s the purpose? What are we in for?” Their core belief system ’embraces changes that bring possibilities,’ such as having a brand that’s modern and relevant to their target audience.


Gellman also recounted some unique and timely campaigns that helped them create some buzz in the media. He described their “election insurance” campaign — launched last April 1 as an April Fool’s joke, but it resonated with the audience, especially during the highly-contentious election season. Another campaign that struck a chord was for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game ballots, as it was the first time people could only vote via mobile or desktop. As a result, the campaign got the most votes ever, more ballots were tabulated, which led to more engagement (from all thirty teams) and more impressions overall.


Gellman also tells Hayzlett about the changing roles of marketers. Historically, there has been two types of marketers: big brand marketers and deep performance marketers, or those who use direct mailers and other collaterals to communicate with clients. However, good marketers need to — not only play multiple roles, but bridge the gap between big slogan/campaign marketing and deep performance marketers. Gellman says marketers have to think in 360 degrees and learn how to fully integrate the brand performance side of marketing and the metrics/ROI.


All episodes of Executive Perspectives Live are hosted by Jeffrey Hayzlett and can be seen throughout the month on C-Suite TV.


Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created C-Suite TV to give top-tier business executives a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives.


“We are closing out 2016 with a bang! It was a pleasure sitting down with Alan Gellman to talk marketing – something we’re both very passionate about,” Hayzlett said. “The future for marketers looks bright and I’m excited for our audience to learn a few things about ideating campaigns that will generate great impressions and buzz, like their ‘Election Insurance’ campaign.”


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