Bulgari CEO Talks Retail Strategy And The Opening Of Their Fifth Avenue Flagship

Bulgari CEO Talks Retail Strategy And The Opening Of Their Fifth Avenue Flagship 960 960 C-Suite Network
The facade of the newly opened Bulgari flagship store in New York City.

In a world where brick and mortar stores are becoming less and less relevant, Italian luxury jewelry house, Bulgari, has doubled down on their retail presence with the re-opening of their US flagship. Occupying the most well-heeled and well-known corner in New York City, and subsequently, one of the most famous corners in the world, the updated Bulgari flagship reopens today at 57th street and 5th Avenue.

A massive investment in retail in an age where e-commerce reigns supreme, Bulgari CEO, Jean-Christophe Babin, believes that as a luxury house, retail is integral to the consumer experience, and specifically, to his consumer’s experience.

“When we talk about luxury we talk very much about emotions, no matter how good you are in consumer engagement digitally, eventually the spirit and lifestyle of the brand together with a live boutique is pivotal,” he says during the preview of the store yesterday.

The door to the Bulgari New York flagship store, which is a replica of the door at the via Condotti store.

Inspired by Bulgari’s global flagship on via Condotti in Rome, architect Peter Marino integrated the original details of that store into the New York design, including the walnut, brass and marble elements and an exact recreation of the door at the Condotti store made in 1930. The entire façade is wrapped in an intricate mesh inspired by the design of a clasp from a bracelet made in the 30s, a theme seen throughout the store. He even went down to the detail of creating a replica of the handcrafted lantern that resides over the entrance. The goal of this lavish architecture is to transport the consumer—through this door, through this facade—into the world of Bulgari.

“The store creates the main emotion and the main desire,” says Babin. “There is nothing to replace the emotional and physical experience of being in the store, not just because of the staff, but also because it will provide you with cues regarding…