Being agile a pipedream for most organisations

Being agile a pipedream for most organisations 657 404 C-Suite Network
Being agile a pipedream for most organisations

Having an agile mindset is nothing without an agile operating model. Assess yours for success.

Despite ‘becoming more agile’ being a common business objective for many organisations that want to survive and prosper in a disruptive and volatile business environment, the reality is most will fail to realise this goal because of the myth that being agile is largely driven by company culture.

Where they falter is they neglect how important the role of operational capability is in responding to and implementing change. Compounding this is the siloed and complex operating structure of most large organisations, making agility all but an impossible dream.

Yes, you may have invested in great creative minds and leaders who can think in an agile way, but if you can’t implement these ideas effectively across the organisation, then agility, innovation and transformation will remain out of reach.

Rethinking the operational model

The business operating model is how the organisation operates, the structure, responsibilities, processes, obligations, systems and information. For change to be implemented effectively there must be a clear understanding…