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Navalent, Ron Carucci & Jarrod ShappellMastering Executive Leadership at the Organization’s Higher Altitudes

Leadership at the top of any organization is fraught with risk and uncertainty. That’s probably 50-65% of all newly appointed executives fail within 18 months of landing that senior leadership role.  After a ten-year longitudinal study on the perils of executive transitions, authors Ron Carucci and Eric Hansen wrote the acclaimed book, and Amazon #1 Best Seller, Rising to Power; The Journey of Exceptional Executives. This workshop, filled with practical, hands-on knowledge as well as time tested examples from inside large and small organizations. Participants will:

  • Understand how leadership at the top of the house must differ from lower organizational “altitudes”
  • Know the dimensions that define exceptional executives and which they need to focus on
  • Plan for their own back home development for broadening their impact within their own organization

This highly engaging and interactive workshop was very well received at previous C Suite conferences as well as by numerous organizations and conferences. If you are an executive working to maximize your impact in a senior leadership role, or you aspire be successful once you land in one, you won’t want to miss this session.