#3: Bridge the Gender Gap and SOAR (create Success through Opportunities to Accomplish Revenue generation)
Presented By The C-Suite Women Founding Committee: Tricia Benn, Managing Director of Northstar U.S.A.; Kathleen Caldwell, CEO of Caldwell Consulting Group LLC.; and Lih Fang Chew, VP of Quadion LLC
The business case for gender parity and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the C-Suite has never been so compelling. Diversity, opportunity and inclusion are essential to maximizing innovation, profitability and market share. The reality is that women will soon comprise 50 percent or more of employees in the workplace, and companies that do not have a commitment to gender parity, especially in the C-Suite, do so at their peril. In this highly interactive workshop participants will understand the compelling data to support your organization’s business case for gender diversity in the C-Suite and explore how gender dynamics impact decision making, problem solving and work styles. As well as discuss strategies to engage C-Suite peers as gender diversity ‘drivers’ and not just ‘supporters’ in creating and sustaining an inclusive culture. Participants will leave the workshop with tools and a C-Suite Gender Diversity Roadmap to Bridge the Gender Gap and SOAR.