Randall Kenneth Jones

Randall Kenneth Jones
Author, Speaker, Creative
Founder and President/Creative Director, MindZoo

Show Me State native Randall Kenneth Jones is an entrepreneur, creative thinker, speaker and self-described “professional storyteller” with a long history of supporting the national retail, publishing and consumer products and services industries.

His Smart Business magazine and Naples Daily News column, “Business Class,” is an exploration of positive business principles selected from interviews with high-level executives, business leaders, and business-savvy celebrities. His focus on promoting workplace positivity has also landed him on Public Radio’s Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal and CNBC.com.

Jones’s new book, SHOW ME, is a robust compilation of the Best of Business Class juxtaposed against Jones’s anecdotal stories of his life in various workplace trenches.

Whether writing, speaking, training or consulting, Jones’s platform is unwavering. His ongoing mission supports positive communication, creative thinking & innovation, and authentic self-expression.

A uniquely entertaining motivational speaker, Jones appeals to a broad range of business and educational platforms. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia.