Monday, March 14: Breakouts

Monday, March 14 – 1:15PM – Breakout

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Ira Ozer

Ira Ozer is president & CEO of Engagement Partners, an engagement consulting agency and Chief Solutions Officer for the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA).  The EEA is an alliance of companies that all have the common mission of engaging people, but through different methods and disciplines, including engagement research, assessment, consulting, communications, leadership training, social recognition, gamification technology platforms, rewards, recognition and more.  The EEA is the world’s leading authority on enterprise engagement and provides an education and certification program about best practices and the most effective ways to break through the silos that impede maximum performance.  Ira and his team consult with C-Suite Leaders about how to best motivate and engage their people to improve performance and then designs and administers the most effective processes and programs to support cultures of recognition, innovation, dynamic selling and customer loyalty.  Engagement Partners integrates the methods and technologies necessary to manage engagement across the enterprise, with measurable improvement and ROI. Ira has been designated a Certified Professional of Incentive Management by the Incentive Marketing Assn (CPIM), and a Certified Recognition Professional by the Recognition Professionals Int’l (CRP), is a Certified Innovation Trainer and is a frequent author of articles in publications and speaker at industry conferences.

Enterprise Engagement – Seminar Overview:

§  How engaged are your employees?  According to statistically valid research from Gallup, Sirota and other leading engagement research companies, only 30% of a typical company’s employees are engaged and more than 70% are disengaged to actively-disengaged. This lack of commitment, energy and discretionary effort translates into lower productivity, more errors, less innovation and urgency and as a result, reduced channel partner and customer loyalty.  To create a culture of engagement, it is necessary for companies to foster a culture of camaraderie and trust, which will lead to higher levels of productivity, innovation, sales and profits.  The EEA has created the Engaged Company Stock Index (ECSI) which proves that companies with high engagement scores outperform the S&P 500 by 17.5% and Towers Perrin research shows that high-engagement firms have an EPS growth rate of 28%, low engagement firms see an EPS decline at rate of 11.2% and committed employees deliver 57% more effort than non-committed ones. Ira will present the latest research from the EEA and leading engagement companies, along with the roadmap necessary for you to create an Engagement Business Plan for your company.  Learn how the best practices companies create cultures of engagement and enjoy superior sales, profits, innovation, productivity and loyalty compared with peer companies.  Each attendee will be given the opportunity to run a free engagement assessment for their company.