Michel Bayan

CEO & Co-Founder at DirecTech Labs

Michel is a technology entrepreneur, executive, and advisor to both startups and global brands. He’s passionate about great products and businesses and excited about the changes technology is bringing to better our world.
In addition to founding several companies in media, mobile and now, AI, Michel is an advisory board member to several startups in e-commerce, B2B, direct selling, media and more, Michel has well-rounded experience in several industries. This combines with a strong commitment to redefining success in the startup and business community. Success is something more than a company’s valuation or one’s bank account balance alone. It must also include the kind of person one has become along the way.
Michel has been a speaker and moderator at several conferences around the US on topics from the rise and evolution of digital, media, AI, mobile CRM, direct selling, predictive analytics and more.
In direct selling Michel has advised numerous companies on their digital strategy by breaking away from the industry’s shadow to build a mainstream brand that will endure through the information age.