Lisa Henderson

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Lisa is responsible for managing client relationships in the healthcare, technology and energy, and mid-market portfolios. She oversees the development and delivery of omnichannel marketing solutions for clients, enabling smarter conversations with their customers and building deeper relationships.

Before Epsilon, Lisa managed the marketing services team at Extraprise Group in Boston, a company dedicated to unleashing customer insights to deliver better sales and marketing results. When Lisa joined Epsilon, she rapidly rose from Account Executive to Vice President, because she was able to generate dramatic program results. Lisa loves to entertain, secretly dreams of being a designer on Project Runway, and is an avid reader and moviegoer. You will also find he cycling, sailing, skiing, and attempting to play golf.

Lisa’s philosophy is the love of the twin disciplines of creativity (art) and logic (science) that are required to execute successful marketing programs. In particular, the magic that occurs when data is transformed into insight and frames a marketing strategy. At heart she is a problem solver with a passion for improving on the tried and true.