Gregory Johnson

Gregory Johnson is the Head of Business Relationships for Capital One and oversees Client Development, Customer Experiences, Trade Shows, and B2B Affiliates for Capital One’s Spark Business Card. The core mission of the team is to deliver financial products with leading value to help businesses succeed.


Prior to joining Capital One, Gregory worked at American Express Company, United Parcel Service, and West Hudson & Co. developing and executing dialogic based growth strategies and building large national teams serving businesses.


Gregory earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Arizona State University and went on to complete his MBA.


Throughout his career, Gregory has lived in 9 states across the U.S. and recently moved from Manhattan, NY to Arlington, VA near Capital One’s headquarters. Gregory is married to wife Sunshine Grato, (a certified Sommelier) and two sons Liam (age 8) and Luke (age 2). Gregory is an avid auto enthusiast with a love of international travel and aims to visit all 200 museums in Washington, DC.