Evan Sanchez

Evan Sanchez is the CEO of Springboard Consulting, a management consulting firm based out of Flower Mound, Texas.  His “Intuitive Flow” coaching psychology has been implemented in Leadership and sales skill development programs, corporate wellness, and executive coaching,  producing performance revenue increases of 47% on average.  This high performance mindset is currently outlined in his new book- Sell like a Champ that focuses on building the top mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets for peak performance in sales.

With more than 25 years as an entrepreneur, sales professional,  personal trainer, coach and as a former member of semi-professional Albuquerque Gunners soccer team, Sanchez knows all about setting goals and the champion mindset necessary to achieve new levels of success.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree with special study in sports psychology from Texas Tech and the University of North Texas, he’s been the owner or co-owner of three businesses, director of sales and marketing and senior consultant with global consulting firm Kepner-Tregoe, sales manager at LandAmerica American Title, and a sales director at The Dallas Business Journal.

Evan lives with his wife and three children in Flower Mound, Texas.