Danielle DiMartino Booth

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Internationally known speaker, writer and financial market authority Danielle DiMartino Booth makes bold predictions based on meticulous research and her years of experience in central banking and on Wall Street. As President of Money Strong, LLC., Danielle offers a unique perspective to audiences seeking expertise in the financial markets, the economy, and the intersection of central banking and politics.

Danielle spent nine years as an Advisor on monetary policy to Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard W. Fisher until his retirement. Fisher called on Danielle to serve at the Fed after becoming a loyal reader of her financial column in the Dallas Morning News. In a recent profile, Fisher said DiMartino Booth “performed superbly, and helped me and the Dallas Fed provide a fresh perspective at FOMC meetings. I attribute some of our success in putting the Dallas Fed on the map to Danielle.”

Now at the helm of Money Strong, Danielle comments, writes and speaks to educate national and international audiences on how Fed policy allows our politicians to abdicate their commitment to make the hard decisions that would keep the country on a sustainable path to prosperity.  She covers topics ranging from public pension systems at risk, unaffordable housing, rampant financial engineering by America’s companies and skyrocketing student debt to stagnant wages and the millions who have dropped out of the labor force.  Her ability to translate the arcane language of Wall Street thinkers and Fed insiders to the man on the street drives her to continue spreading her message. She is frequently called upon by the media and is regularly featured on Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business News.

Danielle’s first book, Fed Up: How the Federal Reserve Protects Wall Street and Bankrupts the Rest of U.S. is due out in February, 2017.