Colin Shaw

Colin has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of the world’s top 150 business influencers where he now has over 240,000 followers of his work. He has also been voted one of the ‘Top Marketing Thought Leaders over 50’ by Brand Quarterly two years in a row.  He has written five bestselling books on Customer Experience. Colin is Founder & CEO of Beyond Philosophy, a consultancy, training and research company that helps organizations move their Customer Experience to the next level.


Colin Shaw and Professor Ryan Hamilton have distilled this wisdom down to Seven Imperatives that an organization must embrace to move their Customer Experience to the next level. With this easy and entertaining read, yours could be next organization to take a massive leap forward. In this ground breaking book you will learn how to move your Customer Experience to the next level by embracing customers irrationality, recognizing that people are complex and often what they say and do can be very different. You will also discover the all important role that memory has in Customer Loyalty.


Shaw & Hamilton provide a series of examples, best practice and practical tools to help you move your CX to the next level. They provide examples of organizations that have embraced this approach and improved their Net Promoter scores by 40 points in 30 months, which has grown their revenues by 10%.