Christian Kromme

Christian’s is the author of the book “Humanification – Go Digital, Stay Human ‘. In this book, Christian focuses on the fascinating parallels between biology and technology. The waves of technological innovations that follow each other in rapid rate are in fact no coincidence … The book Humanification ‘helps managers, entrepreneurs, and investors anticipate and navigate in an extremely rapidly changing world full of disruptive innovations and exponential technologies.

Christian Kromme is also an experienced tech entrepreneur and speaker on the subject of disruptive innovation. During his presentations, Christian takes you on a journey through our exponentially changing world where increasing disruptive technologies and business models provide a massive shift of power towards the consumer.

In 2002, Christian founded his own agency (Artificial Industry), the agency facilitated disruptive, innovative ideas and products for big brands such as: Randstad,  Oracle, Philips, Toyota, Auping, and Adidas, Essent, Endemol, Rabobank, Corio, Eyeworks, Pensioenfonds ABP among others. As an executive advisor Christian stood at the cradle of several successful disruptive initiatives, often spin-outs in completely different industries but always focused on the interface between humans and technology. Christian and his agency have received several nominations and awards for its innovative vision and people-oriented approach, including: Shell LiveWIRE Young Business Award SAN Award, Gold Award hooking, Broos van Erp Prize, and many others. Finally in 2014, Christian sold his agency to a large multinational company, and so he could focus on giving presentations and workshops about disruptive innovation and exponential technologies. Besides speaking Christian is also an executive advisor and currently involved in several serious disruptive startups and has a seat as a board member for the Workforce Institute EMEA.