Camilla Webster

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Camilla Webster is a new media entrepreneur and the CEO and cofounder of the urban media group New York Natives. As a well known show host, bestselling author and business expert, she is a frequent guest on TV networks and radio stations and a respected speaker and moderator globally.

As the Forbes anchor, Camilla covered the Wall Street boom and crash, billionaires, real estate and leadership. She invested her time in connecting with the leading innovative voices of our era in business and philanthropy like the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, Google’s Sergey Brin, Richard Branson and T. Boone Pickens. She has also written on global affairs with famed economist Nouriel Roubini. Camilla has twice represented Forbes at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Prior to joining Forbes, Camilla was at Dow Jones as The Wall Street Journal broadcast news editor for CNBC and a producer of the TV show CBS MarketWatch Weekend. Her team also launched the first WSJ online video platform forever changing the way we experience business news and commentary.
Camilla has reported on a wide range of subjects, including breaking news, Wall Street, corporate America, and geopolitics, providing real-time global financial market coverage and analysis from New York and London in hundreds of videos for Forbes and on TV networks including CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News and Fox Business. She regularly co-hosted WABC Radio in 2010 with John Batchelor and Simon Constable and guested on ABC affiliates. Her work has appeared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, The Street, the New York Post and MarketWatch, among other publications

Seeking out and sharing the most engaging business stories of our time is part of her DNA from urban hotspots like New York and war ridden Baghdad to the rainforests of Ecuador. This year Webster was appointed Entrepreneur in Residence for TrepCamp, to train the top 50 young Mexican entrepreneurs through the Mexico-US Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council and served as the MC for the British Amercan Business Council’s conference on Innovation.

Noting the future meteoric shift of global populations to urban areas, Camilla co-founded New York Natives LLC to take on the challenge of creating a platform for a curated experiences of city life from multiple authentic perspectives that could be replicated globally. The company has produced campaigns for governments and media giants like CBS, needing a voice that reaches an urban, affluent and educated demographic.

In April 2015, Camilla was one of the main speakers and presenters at the first TEDx conference on Accelerators, alongside luminaries like Esther Dyson and Lou Kerner. Camilla also served as the moderator for TEDx New Wall Street at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California; guiding a key conversation on re-imagining banking for the information age.

In 2011, Camilla and her coauthor, Carol Pepper, signed a book deal with St. Martin’s Press for The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide to Enjoying Wealth and Power. The best selling book is a Library Journal Best Business Books 2012 Selection is positioned to change the way women think about their wealth and their opportunities. A blogger for Work in Progress, produced by ForbesWoman, Camilla grew a network of readers engaging in her coverage and commentary on female entrepreneurs, game changers, and leaders.

In recognition of her work producing content for the empowerment and education of women in America, Camilla was invited to participate in the first White House Tweetup Briefing in history on The American Jobs Act with press secretary Jay Carney.

Webster is a member of The Helena Group and New York Women in Film and Television.