Audivita Holdings Joins C-Suite Radio Adding an Array of New Shows

Audivita Holdings Joins C-Suite Radio Adding an Array of New Shows

Audivita Holdings Joins C-Suite Radio Adding an Array of New Shows 1024 536 C-Suite Network

C-Suite Radio, home to a library of weekly online radio shows featuring c-suite leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs, is announcing that Audivita Holdings, LLC is adding nine new podcasts to the C-Suite Network library.

Audivita Holdings is an audio production company that produces audiobooks and podcasts, spearheaded by veteran host David Wolf.

The new shows that will now join C-Suite Radio are:

  1. Ascent Dental Radio

This show is the official podcast of Ascent Dental Solutions and discusses how to balance the clinical aspects of healthcare with the business of healthcare.

  1. Behaviorally Smart Money

This podcast series explores how better understanding investor-client behaviors can increase success as a financial advisor and help know, engage, and grow every employee and client online. David Wolf is joined by DNA Behavior CEO and Behavioral Finance Strategist, Hugh Massie and Leon Morales, the company’s CRO who focuses on Relationship Management Integration.

  1. Business Capital Daily

Business funding expert Michael Schumacher shares insights and information on this daily podcast to help business owners and entrepreneurs navigate complex world of raising capital.

  1. Business Executive Interviews presents Business Executive Interviews, featuring interviews with authors, business executives, and members. is the world’s leading source of business frameworks tools that help move the needle forward.

  1. Global Thought Leader Insights

This show keeps consultants and their clients informed about what’s happening in the business world. The Internal Consulting Group’s global thought leaders share cutting edge research, strategies, and insights that gives clients a competitive edge over their competition. It’s brilliant thinking—implemented. ICG is the world’s leading global platform for consultants and project services personnel.

  1. Marketing InSecurity

The podcast Marketing InSecurity is the world’s first podcast dedicated to the in’s and out’s and do’s and don’ts of cybersecurity marketing.  Hosted by 20+ year industry veteran, Ken Rutsky, all of the guests are leading practitioners within the security industry.   The show delves into what makes for great marketing, highlight unique and challenging aspects of the cybersecurity market as well as best practices to incorporate right away. Rutsky also discusses the latest trends and ideas, sales and marketing automation, and messaging geared at those who live and breathe this industry every day.

  1. Profit from the Inside with Joel Block

Host Joel Block and his guests provide business strategies giving executives the inside track on how to ace business decisions, how to add velocity to the sales process and cycle, building an effective executive platform, and creating better leaders.

  1. Simplify Your Small Business Podcast

In this series, hosts Melanie Rembrandt and David Wolf, offer tips and suggestions to SIMPLIFY your business…and your life!

  1. The Smallbiz Brain

This show features the best of host David Wolf’s long-running podcast series, where each episode dives into the art of entrepreneurship and small business ownership. Guests span across the spectrum of subject matters, including finance, marketing, operations, start-ups, human resources, raising capital, franchising, and more.

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“We are growing leaps and bounds on C-Suite Radio. Adding these new shows to our network is incredible and I can’t wait for our audience to get a taste of this new lineup,” said C-Suite Network Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Hayzlett. “Excited to have someone of the caliber of David Wolf, and his network, join the ever-growing C-Suite Radio family.”

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