ANALYST CORNER The Eve of the Self-Driving Revolution

ANALYST CORNER The Eve of the Self-Driving Revolution 620 330 C-Suite Network

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A decade ago, there wasn’t much talk about self-driving cars or autonomous-cars, but Toyota and Lexus were setting the stage with their self-parking cars. They aired television commercials showing how cars magically parallel-parked themselves. That was before any mention of the first iPhone or Android. At the time, it seemed amazing, but that was nothing compared to what’s coming next.

The self-parking revolution that spread throughout the automotive industry over the last decade is now expanding. There is more technology in cars today than ever before: navigation systems, automatic updates wirelessly downloaded to the dashboard, in-cabin WiFi and much more.

Self-Driving Levels

The market for self-driving cars, or autonomous cars, is going to be huge, but it will grow in stages. Autos with these technologies will roll out at different levels and at different times. There’s a problem with the terminology, though. The terms “self-driving” and “autonomous” often are used loosely, but they mean different things. It is going to take a while for these high-tech cars to arrive, and it will be a staggered rollout.

Some cars will be completely self-driving — you’ll be able to read, work or even nap while on a trip. It will be a while before they’re widely available, though. Other cars will have certain helpful features, but drivers will have to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Some…