Account-Based Marketing Inspires New Software, Strategies

Account-Based Marketing Inspires New Software, Strategies 620 360 C-Suite Network

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InsideView last week released InsideView Target with ABM, a tool for business-to-business companies that have implemented account-based marketing.

It is a fully redesigned version of InsideView Target, with the addition of ABM workflows and other enhancements, including the following capabilities:

  • Suppressing lists to created highly customized campaigns focused on increasing net new customers;
  • Finding contacts from an uploaded list of companies; and
  • Leveraging technologies used, along with compelling business events data, as targeting criteria for a list of specific companies.

“Previously, InsideView IDs were required to build a list of companies you wanted to select contacts for,” said Joe Andrews, VP of product and solution marketing at the company.

Users now can “type in any company name or upload a list of companies to search for people, technologies used, and compelling news or events within the companies uploaded,” he told CRM Buyer.

Users can exclude customers, competitors or people from new lists. They can access saved lists any time to see all the companies and people they’re targeting.

“Companies who want to [succeed] with ABM need to start with the right set of target accounts and people,” Andrews noted. “Otherwise, the best campaign tactics in the world won’t be effective.”

InsideView Target with ABM is integrated with Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce.

InsideView “is a bit late to the game with this one, as many others offer ABM capabilities,” noted Rebecca Wettemann, VP of research at Nucleus Research.

However, its core strength, “pulling together contextual information on contacts and…