A Summer Reading List: Recommendations From Top Leaders

A Summer Reading List: Recommendations From Top Leaders 680 1024 C-Suite Network
Psyched Up
Psyched Up, by Daniel McGinn

What books do top C-level leaders recommend? To find out, I reached out to a leaders from different industries, such as healthcare, financial services, food, security management, and technology, to find out about the books that they find insightful, motivating, or inspiring. Below is a set of interesting books to explore this summer.

To kick it off, I will share a hot-off-of-the-presses current that I have really enjoyed. It’s Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help you Succeed, by Daniel McGinn. It isn’t a marketing, management, technical, or leadership book. Rather, this book combines theory, research, and practice to uncover the scientific approaches that can help strengthen mental preparation, resulting in greater success. What I particularly like about the book is that it is written by an artful, vivid storyteller who has appreciation for research and evidence-based insight. The tools provided can help anybody–whether you are giving a big speech or making an important pitch to a client or getting read for an interview–build a pre-game muscle to achieve better game-time performance.

Jeff Jones, former President Uber; and EVP/CMO, Target

Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight. Coming off of my recent experience with an infamous tech entrepreneur, I recently visited Nike’s campus in Beaverton with my youngest daughter. I had been there multiple times over the years but this trip was different as I saw the history, the product, the innovation and the culture differently; wondering about the journey Phil Knight had taken with a fresh perspective. I immediately bought Shoe Dog and it didn’t disappoint! I knew a fair amount about Blue Ribbon Sports, the waffle iron and Bill Bowerman…but this book provided a new look into the struggles, perseverance and ultimate victory, giving new meaning to Just Do It!

Jeff Hennion, Former EVP – Chief Marketing & e-Commerce of Dick’s Sporting Goods & GNC, Board Member at Briggs & Stratton

Wild Ride: Inside Uber’s Quest for World Domination, by Adam Lashinsky. Often, the best lessons on management, leadership and marketing come not from books specifically on the subject, but by delving into behind the scenes, real world, case studies. Adam Lashinsky, an Executive Editor at Fortune, first did this well in his…