A Conversation with “The Compliance Evangelist”

A Conversation with “The Compliance Evangelist” 1024 536 C-Suite Network

Best Seller TV, the only show dedicated to covering today’s best-selling business books on C-Suite TV,  is announcing a new episode featuring Tom Fox, author of The Compliance Handbook: A Guide to Operationalizing Your Compliance Program, Second Edition. He also addresses what best practices can be put in place for companies to run more efficiently and generate more profits.

Fox, who began working in the compliance industry in 2007, was a lawyer by trade but felt compelled to switch careers because he saw an opportunity to help make a difference and help corporations be more efficient. Fox says the United Nations estimates that $3 trillion is lost annually to corruption. He saw the opportunity to help corporations build first-class best practice compliance programs by complying with the law and run the business side a lot smoother.

He defines compliance as setting up systems, processes, and procedures that comply with law and/or regulation. With laws constantly changing, Fox wrote the second edition of the book to instruct readers on the latest compliance laws that might affect them on a regular basis. Since his first edition in 2018, there has been a 40 percent change in laws, especially after the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the Department of Justice made significant changes to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The pandemic also helped exacerbate many more changes.

Fox says the book is for a wide variety of readers, starting with compliance professionals, laying out a blueprint on how to build world-class compliance programs or enhance currently existing programs. The book is also for c-suite and senior executives to help educate them on the benefits of compliance and how to stay out of trouble.

The compliance industry has evolved significantly in the last decade or so. Fox adds that right now, the industry is more data-driven and, “When you have data, you can actually improve business efficiency.” He continues to say that the backbone of compliance is internal controls, which are financial controls but are not often called that. If you look at them from a compliance perspective and tweak them enough to have both controls, you can make enough headroom in making a company run more efficiently, leading to greater profitability.

All episodes of Best Seller TV air on C-Suite TV and are hosted by TV personality, Taryn Winter Brill.

Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created Best Seller TV to give top-tier business authors a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives.

“We all should get a crash course in compliance from someone with the expertise of Tom Fox,” Hayzlett said. “As the “Compliance Evangelist,” his wealth of knowledge stems from his legal background, his vast network of thirty podcasts that can explore every angle of the compliance industry, and the lessons learned from that. If you’re in this space, make sure you watch this episode, read the book, and learn world-class best practices that can save you from trouble.”

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