5 Ways to Make Your Print Materials Unlock Interactive Dialogue

5 Ways to Make Your Print Materials Unlock Interactive Dialogue 640 427 C-Suite Network

by Doug Traxler


Good ol’ Dr. Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Sure, it’s a cliché — but, come on, he’s right! Why hand someone a business card — or any other printed piece — with only your brand information on it when you can easily design it to open an interactive connection? With QR codes, personalized URLs or generic URLs (PURLs & GURLs), it’s easy.

Here are 5 ways to turn print into interactive dialogue:

  1. Make your business cards do more work.
    Add a QR code to your business cards so you can drive prospects to your corporate blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or website content. You can also use it to give away free information or drive prospects to a microsite where they can sign up for a special offer.
  2. Give your brochures greater longevity.
    Putting something in print makes it permanent. With that being said, many printed materials, unfortunately, have an expiration date. Adding a QR code can make these materials last longer, as you can update the sites connected to the code.
  3. Reach new generations with storefront or point-of-purchase materials.
    QR codes can attract a younger and more tech-savvy clientele. According to PitneyBowes, nearly 30 percent of QR code users are 18 to 34 years old.
  4. Increase the credibility of your flyers, handouts and white papers.
    QR codes are fast and functional. You can easily show customers common print materials, including product reviews, customer testimonials, fact sheets and FAQs, in a matter of seconds.
  5. Turn envelopes into personal messages.
    Instead of sealing with a kiss, seal your envelopes with a QR code which drives users to a personalized “thank you” video or a discount offer. You could also connect the code to a microsite that explains what is in the envelope. This will make your message unforgettable.

Dr. Seuss encourages you to stand out—and so do we! Read more about WebbMason’s approach on QR codes.

*This post originally appeared on WebbMason.com.

Doug TraxlerDoug Traxler is the Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at WebbMason. Traxler founded WebbMason’s Washington, DC office in 1995 — the company’s first regional sales office. Prior to joining WebbMason, Traxler spent 13 years with Wallace Computer Services, where he served as sales representative, account executive and general manager. Traxler joined WebbMason because he saw an opportunity to focus more on solving clients’ problems and to join a team that is committed to excellence. Traxler’s overall business goal for his customers remains the same—to transform their organizations in a positive way with measurable impact. Twitter: @WebbMason