5 Exceptional Marketing Conferences (you can still attend in 2014)

5 Exceptional Marketing Conferences (you can still attend in 2014) 150 150 C-Suite Network

Executives searching for a top-notch network event featuring decision-makers from leading brands can attend the C-Suite Network Conference Nov. 16-18 in Marina del Rey, California. On the Ethos 3 blog, Leslie Belknap summarizes the event with the tagline, Deepen Your Success in The C-Suite.

Not all conferences are created equal. Some conferences are forgettable, while others are transformative.  At the most dynamic conferences, big things happen: industries shift, connections are made, and ground-breaking ideas are presented.

No matter where you are in your career development, attending at least one conference should be on your yearly professional to-do list. If you’re are an expert within your field, consider attending as a speaker. Presenting at a conference will keep your public speaking skills sharp, expand your network, and strengthen your credibility.  If speaking at a conference is not on your agenda, plan to attend as an audience member, and soak up all of the opportunities and insights that abound.

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