5 characteristics of true entrepreneurs

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5 characteristics of true entrepreneurs

Alan Manly commenced his entrepreneurial career as a founding director of a start-up software company which developed computerised freight tracking and integrated management systems for major freight companies.

Ever wonder what differentiates a clever idea from that truly entrepreneurial lightbulb moment? We all know of genuinely clever people who have had good ideas only to see them fade away after initial buzz. For an idea to germinate into an actual thriving business there are key skills required in order to see it through; traits of true entrepreneurship.

5 characteristics of true entrepreneurs So, what are they?

  1. Innovation

    True entrepreneurs are the ones right out there with their wild ideas. Their new idea will have all the hallmarks of being over the top with passion.

    If the business idea changes anything of significance it will require the same set of entrepreneurial skills as a world changing idea. After all, if the idea was easy to implement it wouldn’t be entrepreneurial.

  2. Passion

    This is measured by the confidence of its promoter that the new idea is worth more time and resources than anyone else can relate to. It is a belief system that switches on and stays on when others attack the idea as insanity.

    Derision only re-enforces the believer’s view that they alone could be right, just like all the true entrepreneurs they can quote before them. It’s dangerous and inspiring at the same time.

  3. Take Risks

    Entrepreneurs must be believers in the viability of the outside chance. They are well versed on every out-of-the-box success story and the tales of lost…