5 Big Questions on Innovation

5 Big Questions on Innovation 254 45 C-Suite Network

C-Suite Network CEO Thomas White is featured as a Game Changer at BPI Network. He answers five questions on the most innovative technologies and what holds organizations back from creating new technologies, products and services that revolutionize society.

1. How do you build organizations and cultures that embrace innovation and change?

Leadership must allow people to take risks without fear of being fired. Companies only innovate when they are willing to go outside the box. Out-of-the-box thinking allows organizations to see new opportunities and execute against those opportunities. Change happens when leaders realize they can no longer maintain their vision through status quo.

2. What are the biggest impediments to innovation in today’s enterprise?

Status quo. People hate getting out of their comfort zones unless their organizational culture challenges them to make improvements and strive for excellence. Status quo will kill innovation.

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