4 ways to build a strong online profile using social media

4 ways to build a strong online profile using social media 657 404 C-Suite Network
4 ways to build a strong online profile using social media

As a leader, the strength of your profile is critical. It can impact the level of trust in your ability, new opportunities for your organisation and also your future career prospects.

In the past it was possible to let your track record speak for itself but in today’s noisy landscape many leaders are recognising they need to let their voices to be heard and have a strong profile.

One area where your profile is starting to weigh heavily is online, particularly in channels like social media. We’ve seen many leaders use social media effectively to promote their brands, views and profiles. However, there are still many in the business community who fail to see the relevance of this prevalent, powerful and personal medium.

Consumer expectations are changing. People now expect brands to not just be present on social media but be actively listening. The same goes for CEOs and leaders. There is considerable opportunity for leaders to use this platform to build their online profile in ways that can greatly benefit their organisation, their views and their career.

Here are 4 ways you can be better using social media to build a strong online profile.

  1. Develop a robust social media strategy

    Developing a comprehensive social media strategy will help you manage your online profile effectively, as well as ensure you are using the right platforms, engaging with your target audience and monitoring your accounts appropriately.

    No matter what social media platform you use, following these rules in your strategy will help you succeed:

    • It is important to define your niche and focus your social media activity there. Understand your target audience by looking into their demographics, behaviours and interests.

    • Don’t view social media as…