3 Timely E-Commerce Shipping Tips

3 Timely E-Commerce Shipping Tips 620 360 C-Suite Network

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Shipping has become a key part of success in the online shopping revolution. Amazon has raised consumer expectations dramatically when it comes to shipping, and etailers have been scrambling to keep up.

Because changes occur on a near-daily basis in the world of fulfillment and shipping, here are some tips for getting ahead of the game.

1. Offer Speedy Delivery

The faster you can get your goods out the door and into your customers’ hands, the better. Consumers increasingly expect their purchases to arrive quickly, and they’re drawn to two-day, next-day and even same-day shipping offers.

“Right now, Amazon has set the bar with same-day shipping, whether retailers like it or not,” said Greg Ng, VP of digital engagement at PointSource.

“Expectations for shipping speed are rapidly changing, and retailers may need to make updates to their digital experience and backend supply chain so that they can keep up,” he told the E-Commerce Times. “That may mean working with third-party suppliers, distributors and technologies that can ensure a more accurate, seamless and speedy delivery process.”

Offering speedy shipping options — especially if they’re free or low-cost — is where the world of e-commerce is headed, and the sooner online merchants can adapt to this reality, the better.

“While the future of shipping is uncertain, it’s obvious that higher expectations and faster delivery are here to stay,” said Ng.

2. Ship From or To Your Store

For e-commerce businesses that also have a brick-and-mortar presence, shipping from or to the store can be appealing to consumers.

“With consumers turning to both…